Do More With Apps

Make PicThrive even better, connect an app



Photo Sales Kiosk App

Download the Photo Sales Kiosk app to a tablet for the fastest way to sell photos to your guests immediately after a tour.



Photog Central

Photog Central by Rapid Image Photo, LLC is built to streamline a tour photographer’s business & help it better serve its clients. Connect and sync with multiple PicThrive accounts to deliver a truly integrated service.



Instant Photo Sales Chrome App

Instantly deliver and sell photos from your local kiosk, without having to wait for them to upload to the cloud. You can now sell photos immediately after a tour. Requires PicThrive Photo Sales Kiosk App and the Speed Boost Extension.


Want to build your own app?

You can connect any camera or smartphone, streamline your reservation system & much more. The possibilities are endless with our API.