The 5 Fundamentals of Great Tour and Activity Photos

Taking photos is easy, getting it right is a little more challenging. If you, a tour operator, want to provide your guests with the best souvenir of their experience and charge for it, you need to follow PicThrive’s Five Fundamentals for great tour and activity photos. 1) Take Group Photos Take a group photo either […]

Add Souvenir Photos

PicThrive, the leading photo sales and marketing platform for tours and activities, has launched a new feature that makes it easy for operators to add Souvenir Photos to guest albums. Souvenir Photos help tell the full story of the tour, so your guests can save the complete memory of the experience.   Souvenir Photos are […]

Gift Card Unlocked

How to create a Gift Card code that is not locked to a specific photo album. Creating a Gift Card code this way delivers the guest to your online photo store, for them to find their album and select their favorite photos.  You would have already collected payment before sending. 1) Go to your Workspace […]

New iPad App for PicThrive

PicThrive users can now take advantage of a new iPad app, PicThrive Photo Viewer that makes it easy for tour and activity operators to show off their photos. It automatically syncs to your PicThrive account, making photos instantly available for your guests to engaged with after a tour.   Guests can engage and interact with […]

Pirate cruises can increase photo revenue using PicThrive’s Smart Store

Source: Pirate (family)cruise 226/365 – gronman   PicThrive’s Smart Store is the next generation photo sales and marketing platform for pirate cruises. After a cruise, guests are filled with excitement but often leave without buying photos. It’s not your fault, it’s just the nature of the game.   There may not be a convenient place […]

How to change your photo pricing on PicThrive

When you sign up for PicThrive, we automatically add suggested photo pricing to your account. This is so you can immediately start making money off of your tour and activity photos. You can easily customize your photo pricing if you would like. It’s your store after all and it’s a very simple process. Your online […]

PicThrive Releases Photo Sales Kiosk App for Tour Operators

PicThrive is excited to announce the release of the world’s first Photo Sales Kiosk app that’s available on Google Play. The Photo Sales Kiosk app allows tour operator to quickly sell photos to guests immediately after a tour.   Download the PicThrive Photo Sales Kiosk app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picthrive.instore.   The Photo Sales Kiosk app connects […]