PicThrive Releases Photo Sales Kiosk App for Tour Operators

PicThrive is excited to announce the release of the world’s first Photo Sales Kiosk app that’s available on Google Play. The Photo Sales Kiosk app allows tour operator to quickly sell photos to guests immediately after a tour.   Download the PicThrive Photo Sales Kiosk app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picthrive.instore.   The Photo Sales Kiosk app connects […]

Facebook Professional Services’ Impact on Tour Operators

Facebook recently launched its local services site, Facebook Professional Services. It is very similar to Yelp, where people can search and find local businesses. Users can learn about the quality of the service via customer reviews and comments that have already been posted to those business’ Facebook page.   Tour operators need to be aware […]

Do More with Tour Photos Using PicThrive’s API

PicThrive is excited to announce that it has released its API, allowing tour operators to integrate PicThrive’s photo and marketing platform into their reservation systems, use any camera technology they want and even build their own photo Apps.   PicThrive’s API can help tour operators earn more revenue from their photo sales and help automate […]

PicThrive Delivers Faster Photo Uploading for Tour Operators

PicThrive has released an automatic photo file resizer, helping tour operators save time and get photos into their guests hands faster.  By helping tour operators improve their uploading times, photos can be sold quicker and shared faster than ever before.   PicThrive auto-resizer does not alter the photo resolution, ensuring every guest gets great pictures. […]

5 Reasons Why Every Tour Operator Should Sell Photos

  Photos Increases Tour Operators’ Revenue & Margins Selling photos boost your business’ revenues and margins. Some tour operators report that photos out sell their other retail items like souvenirs and concessions, making it their top grossing in-store item. Photos are a valuable tool to increase your customers’ total spend and provide something valuable in […]

Why tour operators should use retargeting online ads

Source Retargeting, what’s the big deal? With traditional photo platforms and digital marketing you only expose your brand to people once. One shot to have your desired call to action to be completed. Why should you abandon that potential customer, after you have invested in getting their attention, after 1 try? Let’s explore the value […]

PicThrive Announces Retargeting for Tour Operators

  Tour operators can now get more marketing power from PicThrive, the photo sales and marketing platform. As an industry first, tour operators can now use PicThrive’s photo platform to leverage retargeting from Google and Facebook, ensuring that their brand stays in front of 1000s of new potential customers.   By using retargeting (sometimes referred […]