The Changing Photography Market – Where Do Tour & Activity Operators Stand?

With news of smartphone sales peaking, more people buying old refurbished phones, the fall of the point and shoot cameras (small handheld basic consumer cameras), the softening of the DSLR camera market and the rapid rise and growth of mirrorless professional cameras, it’s an exciting time to be in the photography market! While a camera […]

360° Video for Tour & Activity Operator

PicThrive, the technology leader for tour and activity photos and videos, is excited to announce that it has released 360° video for tour and activity operators. Souvenir videos for tour and activity operators are now even more powerful, allowing your guests and all their friends to their experience your brand in 360°. Leveraging PicThrive’s powerful […]

Carrying & Protecting your DSLR Camera for Ziplines

Investing in a DSLR camera for your photo operations is an exciting and very rewarding step in enhancing the tour experience for your clients. You will deliver the best quality photos that will stand out to your guests who will subsequently purchase and then share with their friends and family. To keep your DSLR investments […]

Ten Essentials to Producing Quality Tour & Activity Photos

1) CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES! Sounds pretty basic, eh? Just like in Life, you can’t do much without energy. If possible, have your back-up battery cell ready charged, as well. Depending on your location and time away from charging stations this can help you get those last shots of the day, often in waning hours of […]

How to Start a Drone Video Program at a Tour or Activity [video]

Want to know how to set up a drone video program for your zipline or tour or activity? Learn from Kelly Bedford, Manger at WestCoast Wild Adventures as he goes through into the details and steps required to set up a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video program. Kelly will cover topics like what type of […]

Are You Making Photos Part of the Tour Experience?

A critical success factor in running a tour and activity photo program is making sure photos enhance the experience. If the photographer is not travelling with the tour, here are some tips on how to integrate the photos into your tour or activity. Photos tell the story of each guest’s experience by capturing the key […]