Five Ways Free Tour Photos Can Hurt Your Business

Photo by Elle Hughes So, your guests have been asking you to take photos or videos of their amazing experience, while on tour.  As a business owner, you have an important decision to make: “do I provide an on-tour photo service for my guests?” and “if I provide this service, do I charge my guests […]

Google Reviews for Tours and Activities

Google has taken bigs steps into the tours and activities space, especially with the release of its new Touring Bird app.  Google has also announced direct and instant booking connections with FareHarbor, Checkfront, Peek and several others. The moves are significant as the company’s continued expansion into the space of promoting tour and activity bookings.  […]

Royal Gorge Rafting & Zipline Tours

A PicThrive Success Story         “Working with PicThrive as a partner in selling our images, through their scalable and ever-evolving platform, is one of the best moves as a business we have made. It simplifies what can be an archaic process. PicThrive has added greater value and ease to our guests’ experiences, […]

Why tour operators should use retargeting online ads

Source Retargeting, what’s the big deal? With traditional photo platforms and digital marketing you only expose your brand to people once. One shot to have your desired call to action to be completed. Why should you abandon that potential customer, after you have invested in getting their attention, after 1 try? Let’s explore the value […]