Significant Profit Increases Projected for Outdoor Tourism Industry in 2015

Profits increased by 5-15% for the majority outdoor tourism industry in 2015, according to preliminary survey results published by the American Outdoor Association. A quarter of those surveyed, saw an increase of more than 15% in profits.

American Outdoor Association - 2015 Outdoor Tourism Profit Growth
Source: America Outdoor Association


The data demonstrates that 68% of the outdoor tourism industry is seeing excellent profit growth in 2015. The survey included outdoor tour operators, adventure resorts and outfitters and is still ongoing.


There appears to be significant demand in adventure travel from the consumer and the money seems to flow all the way downstream, from hotels to tour operators to outfitters. This means that the consumer is spending and the tour operators/hotels are investing to keep up with demand and improve their operations. This is a great sign for the industry as a whole.


This is also a positive indication for the growth of tourism market in 2015. Tour operators like whitewater rafting, ziplining, fishing trips and kayak tours are surely to benefit as both hard and soft adventures grow.
We are looking forward to when the final results are published by the American Outdoor Tourism Industry.


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