PicThrive Announces Retargeting for Tour Operators

PicThrive - Now Available Retargeting.


Tour operators can now get more marketing power from PicThrive, the photo sales and marketing platform. As an industry first, tour operators can now use PicThrive’s photo platform to leverage retargeting from Google and Facebook, ensuring that their brand stays in front of 1000s of new potential customers.


By using retargeting (sometimes referred to remarketing) with PicThrive tour operators have the ability to convert even more people into customers.


When your guests receive their photos and share with 1000s, you are able to capture all that traffic using PicThrive. Now when people view their friends’ tour photos and see your brand, you can market to them after they leave the photo gallery. You are able to target these potential customers as they browse the web, use mobile apps and interact on social media.


Your marketing power continues past a gallery view!


PicThrive has made it easy for you to leverage Facebook’s and Google’s massive advertising networks.  All you have to do is create a retargeting/remarketing campaign in Google and Facebook and paste in the code snippet that they give you into PicThrive.


Then let the magic begin and see how you are able to automatically reach 1000s after they leave your photo galleries.


Here is how you setup Google remarketing, CLICK HERE.

Here’s how you setup Facebook retargeting: CLICK HERE.


About PicThrive

PicThrive is a photo sales, customer engagement and market tool that is currently in private beta. Sign up now to get early access to a powerful customer engagement and marketing tool for your business.

PicThrive is on a mission to be the number one customer engagement and marketing platform for businesses to connect with clients and their network of family and friends using multimedia. We believe it is important to always innovate in engagement and conversion tools that maximize the user experience and get the best results possible for your business.

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