How to change your photo pricing on PicThrive

When you sign up for PicThrive, we automatically add suggested photo pricing to your account. This is so you can immediately start making money off of your tour and activity photos.

You can easily customize your photo pricing if you would like. It’s your store after all and it’s a very simple process. Your online store and kiosk apps will automatically be updated, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Step 1

Log into PicThrive.

In the Menu on the top left of your PicThrive account click “Manage Stores”


Step 2

Select the store you want to adjust pricing by clicking “Edit”. After you click, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Edit Your Brand’ page.


Step 3

You will have the option to select currencies. Select your favorite. Then you’ll have the choice of either Flat based pricing or Graduated pricing.


Flat means each photo will be priced at one price. For example, 1 photo costs $10. If a customer adds 10 photos to their cart after a tour, they would be charged $100.


Graduated means you can create pricing buckets for your photos. For example, you can sell 1 photo for $10, 5 photos for $30 and the full album for $50. A guest can then choose which photo package is best for their budget and for the amount of photos they want.

Step 4

Change your pricing.

Select Graduated. Under the ‘Quantity’ column type in the number of photos a person can buy for that level. Then under ‘Customer Pays’ column type in the price you will charge the customer for that quantity of photos.


To add a new level, press the ‘ADD QUANTITY’ button. This will create a new bucket and you can then select the number of photos a guest can buy for a certain pricing level.


Select Flat if you want to charge one price. Then in ‘Customer Pays’ box type in the price you will charge the customer for that quantity of photos.


Step 5

Save your changes. Scroll to the top of the page and press the big, blue ‘Save’ button.  You are now done and your online store and kiosks are updated with your new pricing.