How to Start a Drone Video Program at a Tour or Activity [video]

Want to know how to set up a drone video program for your zipline or tour or activity?

Learn from Kelly Bedford, Manger at WestCoast Wild Adventures as he goes through into the details and steps required to set up a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video program. Kelly will cover topics like what type of drone to get,  training required, the certification process and how to implement it.

Simply put, drones capture footage that your guests can’t and it’ll truly enhance your guests’ experience. This is a key component of PicThrive’s 5 Fundamentals of Tour and Activity Photos and to running a successful photo/video program for your business. Drone footage is a high-value product that can help take your photo/video program to the next level and potentially earn you increased revenues and sharing. Plus, it’s cool and guests are going to love it!

About Kelly Bedford

Kelly Bedford has been fortunate enough to work in the Adventure Tourism Industry for over 15 years with backgrounds in Outdoor Education and Operations Management. He currently manages an eco tour company on Vancouver Island and has used PicThrive now for 3 years to capture and deliver amazing photos and memories for countless guests and adventure seekers. Kelly was PicThrives First Partner.

About PicThrive

PicThrive is the leading photo/video sales and marketing platform for tour and activity operators. It makes photos and videos easy, mobile & more profitable for tour operators.

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