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I’m taking a new approach to this blog post.  Being new to the adventure tourism industry, I don’t have many great insights to share … Yet.  What I can talk about is PicThrive itself and how much fun it is to be part of a team that is making a difference.

To give context,  it’s only fair to tell you a bit of my history. My very first “real” job was at a startup. I joined the small team and enjoyed the fact that I was able to wear many hats and everything I did made a direct impact on the trajectory of the company. I worked hard and moved up the ranks.  The atmosphere was great and I learned A TON. Being young, I wanted to grow even more so I left that company and went to work for another company within the same industry but this company was MUCH bigger than my previous company. I enjoyed the work and my co-workers but something was missing.  It was then that I realized it was the startup feel I was missing. When I decided it was time to move on, I focused my job search on small companies. I landed an amazing role at an amazing company and felt the same rush of excitement as I did at my first job. I was wearing many hats, juggling many responsibilities and working many hours but I woke up excited to go to work each day.

This is life at a startup. There aren’t strict rules but you are expected to be IN IT. Your actions (or inactions) can impact the entire company but that’s okay for those of us who thrive in making a difference.  When I was introduced to PicThrive, it’s what I hoped to find again and I was not disappointed.

The PicThrive team is young, energetic and gets it done. We collaborate freely, and enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie and the knowledge that we’re all here to accomplish amazing things.  I go home and tell everyone who will listen about the amazing things we accomplished that day and wake up every morning driven to do even more than I did before. This is hard work but it is FUN.

PicThrive has 4 main core values that resonate within every team member.

    1. Do whatever it takes.  We play hard and work even harder.  Everyone pitches in to get things done no matter our role and our customers love us for it.
    2. Do more with less.  We don’t throw money at problems, we find creative and ingenious ways to solve them.  This allows us to think of the customer first and really solve the problem. 
    3. Be memorable.  Every day, we want our customers to remember us.  We constantly WOW them through our great personalities, amazing follow up and a team who genuinely cares about our customers.
    4. Find a better way.  Gone are the old ways of creating a process and sticking to it.  At PicThrive, we constantly want to improve how we’re doing things.  We evaluate and iterate constantly. This is what keeps us working efficiently internally and what ensures we’re continuing to make our customers happy in the future.

So, to sum it all up.  Startup life can be tough.  You will need to be flexible. You will need to constantly be on your toes and you will need copious amounts of caffeine.   But if you’re driven, dedicated, and customer focused, this may be the place for you.

If you’ve never worked at a startup before but this post piqued your curiosity, send us an email and see if we have any roles open that you might be a fit for!  If you have worked at a startup and feel the same way I do, let me know!



Marcia Herteis

VP, Sales

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