Safety measures for COVID-19

Person using a rubber glove to hold a sanitizing solution
You should be prepared to clean your equipment after every tour

We are living through uncertain times, with new information coming in every week, it’s hard to keep up. Something that can help your tour, whether things return to normal or not, is to have safety measures to prevent spreading any disease. We want you to be aware of the steps you can take from the moment guests purchase your tour, to the moment they leave. By having clear steps as part of your cleaning procedure, you’ll be able to put your guests’ minds at ease. If you haven’t taken a look at our resource list, we recommend you do. It will help you keep on top of what’s happening in the industry and adapt your business as needed.

Before the tour

Even before a customer makes a purchase, be sure to clearly state all the steps you are taking to keep your guests safe. You can do this on your webpage, social media channels or even booking confirmations. You want to make sure that your guests know what to expect. If you have reduced the number of daily guests, explain it’s in their best interest. You should try to offer a safe distance (at least 6ft) for every guest. Communicate how you are cleaning your equipment before your guests arrive. Disinfect any contact point once guests stop using the equipment. Consider wiping down other points where the guest could have sneezed, coughed or spoken moistly (Thanks Trudeau). Make sure you also communicate these steps through your reservation system if you use one. It might be good practice to include a clause related to COVID-19 with your liability waiver.

When your guests arrive

Sanitizing wipes
Meet your new best friend

Once your guests arrive, clearly communicate what will happen on your tour. This includes the steps they should take to keep everyone safe. You might want to check their temperature from a distance and turn away anyone presenting symptoms. If you can, place a barrier between your guests and desk staff. If there’s a lineup, use markers on the ground so people know where to stand. Guides should tell people to watch their distance if possible. Try to give plenty of time between tours to avoid unnecessary interaction with many people. This should also give you the opportunity to wipe down the equipment.

How to sell pictures

If you are selling pictures with PicThrive we have different solutions that could work for you. Besides wiping down all the contact points there are other actions you can take. If the photos are uploaded before guests leave, your guides can direct them on how to purchase their pictures. Guests can use their own phone and complete the purchase right there. You can display a short URL or QR code that directs people to your online store. You can use TVs, posters or business cards. The cool thing with business cards is that guests can also purchase their pictures once they leave.

Remember your staff can also sell pictures to your customers completely hands-free for the guest. All they have to do is ask for their email and send one picture or the whole album.

What about tablets?

If you use tablets, you can provide sanitized “tablet pens”. Guests can use them to interact with the tablet to purchase their pictures. Once they’re done they can place them somewhere where your staff can disinfect them for the next tour.  Ensure this is communicated to your guests so that they’re not worried about interacting with the tablets.

Another strategy to lessen contact is to pre-sell a package. This can help your guests avoid small spaces and distance themselves from your staff. You can also bundle merchandise, offering a “full experience” without touching anything. For those that don’t pre-purchase, you can offer a “to go” package. That’s a pre-sealed bag with any merchandise you’d want to bundle.

Are you taking any steps we missed? We’d love to share them with the rest of our community!