Our Story

PicThrive was created when our cofounder, Neal, went backpacking around the world and was offered amazing photos of his experiences whitewater rafting, skydiving, and canyon swinging. He was handed a USB or CD with his photos, but since he only traveled with his smartphone, wasn’t able to access them. Neal grew frustrated with such an outdated process and the inability to share his experiences with friends and family back home. From that point on, he and his brother Keith quit their jobs and set out to bring the tour and activity photo market into the mobile age.
In the beginning stages, Neal and Keith drove out to tour and activity operators, with only an idea and prototype, to define what operators and guests wanted from a photo platform. After countless hours working in various photo departments, refining the product and sleeping in tents on site, PicThrive was launched. The product has rapidly evolved since then, and as a rule, PicThrive will always be innovating to move the industry forward.

Engineering is at Our Core

Our product was originally developed by Keith, whose experience as a software engineer for Amazon, Google, and Digital Extremes, helped us model our company after some of the most successful tech companies in the world. We use our background to design leading technology into PicThrive, giving you the most advanced platform for photo and video sales.

Travelport Labs Accelerator

A year ago, PicThrive was chosen from applicants around the world for the Travelport Labs Accelerator program in Denver, Colorado. Travelport, a $2 billion travel technology company, provided invaluable tech and travel advice, which helped PicThrive pinpoint what problems operators and guests were facing, so that they could more accurately solve them. With the backing of Travelport and multiple travel and tech mentors, PicThrive landed in Vancouver, B.C. to set out to build the best photo and video sales platform made specifically for the tour and activity market.

We Are 1% For The Planet

As a company focused on the tour and activity market, we know how crucial conservation is to operators, their guests and the industry. We personally donate one percent of our total revenue to environmental nonprofits as a way to ensure that current and future generations can continue to experience and explore the great outdoors.

Our Mission

PicThrive, as a family owned/operated business, considers our clients partners, and has a growing team dedicated to the success of your operations. We’ve made this platform both with you and for you, and without your help would not be the leading photo sales platform in the tour and activity market. Thanks! We will continue to dedicate our efforts towards giving you and your guests a seamless, enjoyable way to share an experience of a lifetime.