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Every client has access to a full suite of tools & features, including an online store.

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  • Free storage
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Automated marketing tools
  • 24/7 support for you
  • Support for your guests

We work with operators who offer complimentary photos, as we know that the marketing value of a TripAdvisor review or Facebook share is worth it. The fee is still $3 per transaction for photo albums and $5 for video albums.

Yes! PicThrive absorbs all credit card and processing fees.

Do I receive 80% of gift purchases?

Yes. You receive 80% of all gift profits.

Q U E S T I O N S ? 

No initial costs or investment required. PicThrive is cloud based, made to work with your current setup, and ready to go in less than an hour.

No, because we are transaction based, you'll never have to sign a contract with PicThrive.

No. You get unlimited referral marketing included with every photo and video album. PicThrive helps guests easily share their trip media and has generated millions of referrals for its Partners as a result. As your Partner, it is our mission to both help your business grow and to show it off to the world.

PicThrive is 100% transaction-based, meaning every sale made has a fee associated with it. Online sales have a fee of 20% and in-store sales have flat $3 fee for photos. Multimedia (video) 

has a flat fee of $5 per album.

Do you absorb transaction & credit card fees?

No, the fees are separate for in-store and online, never together. 

What does an album with only video cost?

An album with only video works on a $5 per transaction fee.

Is the on-site fee per photo or per album?

Am I charged if my guests’ photo/video albums go viral?

Do I pay 20% on top of the $3?

We've got answers.

Are there monthly fees?

Are there contracts?

Are there any initial costs?

No monthly fees! PicThrive is based on transactions and is in line with your cash flow.

What if we give photos away for free?

The fee is per album sent, independent of how many photos or videos are in the album.

An album constitutes the photo and/or video package you're selling to a guest. Fees occur when you send that package to their email address.

Do I pay for referrals generated when my guests share photos or videos?

What does it cost?

No. PicThrive provides unlimited referral marketing for tour and activity operators. That means that every click and referral you generate, no matter how many, it is already included with every album. As your dedicated Partner, we are on your side generating millions of referrals with no surprise fees or costs.