Can Photo Sales from Tours Help Generate More Bookings?

Below, is a graph we created using data from a sample of our users who operate summer focused tours and activities in the US and Canada. It shows the amount of views that these tour operators’ photo sales generated. It kicks off at the beginning of the summer tourism season, July 1st and goes until present.

PicThrive - Tour Photo gallery Biews by Day

The data tells us that tour operators are able to generate a significant amount of traffic from their photo sales. Guests do get their friends and family off social media sites to view their photos and engage with the tour operators’ brand. The amount of views generated gets larger as the season ramps up.


The significant amount of advertising generated from photo sales can be used by tour operators to help generate bookings. The window of opportunity to engage the consumer with your brand via photos is perfectly inline with their tour purchasing habits. According to Rezdy, 51.3%  of bookings are made less than 7 days in advance. 80% of all bookings are made in 30 days or less.


This means that the photo sales from your tour can help influence the buying decisions of up to 80% of your potential customers. This influence happens at the perfect moment, right when they are making the purchasing decision.


Tour operators need to have the right tools or else the ability to use photos as a marketing tool is lost. In our post Photo Marketing for Tour & Activities is a Superpower, If your guests shares the photos you provided the typical way, the photos disappear into the black-hole of social media; outside of your reach and control.  It means that the social networks are the only ones profiting from your photos and its viral growth. Their users are looking at their friends in the pictures and do not have a way to interact with your brand.

It’s the equivalent of paying for an online ad and not connecting a link back to your website. You would probably reprimand your marketing manager if they forgot to link an ad back to your website.  Why would you do this with photos and give up your most powerful marketing tool?
Using PicThrive’s Smart Gallery technology, you have the ability to reach 1000s of new potential customers and engage them. In doing so you can get run custom promotions, collect emails of new potential customers and get more people booking. You can increase your reviews on TripAdvisor, helping improve your online reputation and attract more guests. You can connect with your guests on social media and get more followers and likes.



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