Imgur CEO Says, Insane Not To Be Mobile First

In a AMA with the Reddit community, Imgur CEO, Alan Schaaf stated that, “it would now be insane to be a consumer company to not have an app or a mobile optimized site, and we now see more mobile traffic than desktop traffic.”

He further commented on the topic stating that “a lot of consumer companies were caught by surprise by the shift to mobile, but it’s the real deal.”

The interview can be found here. Imgur is the 45th most visited site in the world, according to Alexa. It hosts a community around photos and photo sharing.

We highly recommend that tour operators read our article, “Tour Operators, 76% Of Your Customers Are On Mobile Devices!” to learn how their business can adjust to this environment before it’s too late.

The one important factor for tour operators is to ensure that, when they sell photos to guests, that the platform they are using was built mobile first. It’s not good enough anymore to say a photo platform can support mobile, it has to be built mobile first if you want your guests have the best experience with their photos. Mobile is how photos are consumed and shared in today’s world.

PicThrive’s photo galleries and photo stores have been built mobile first. This means your business is able to deliver a top experience to your customers through mobile optimized photo galleries and stores. When you sell photos, have piece of mind that your guests are getting the best experience and that the photos are worth their money.


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