PicThrive Delivers Faster Photo Uploading for Tour Operators

Photo Auto-resizer on PicThrie.

PicThrive has released an automatic photo file resizer, helping tour operators save time and get photos into their guests hands faster.  By helping tour operators improve their uploading times, photos can be sold quicker and shared faster than ever before.


PicThrive auto-resizer does not alter the photo resolution, ensuring every guest gets great pictures. There is nothing to download and this tool can be easily turn on and off at an operator’s convenience.


The auto-resizer also helps tour operators with limited bandwidth or connectivity issues ensure that their photo business is operating efficiently.  A tour operator can now quickly adjust to the new conditions and ensure their guests get photos quicker.


Tour operators no longer have to worry about the size of the photo file coming back from their photographer. The new tool saves your staff time as they no longer have to use multiple platforms or manually resize photos before uploading them to the cloud.


Neal Belovay, Cofounder commented, “PicThrive’s goal is to help tour operators sell more photos, market their brand and make selling photos fast and easy. This new photo file auto-resizer helps operators save time, sell photos faster and quickly deliver photos regardless of their internet conditions. This means that guests are more likely to share their photos, engage the business and deliver more marketing opportunities for tour operators.”


In the photo uploading setting, PicThrive users can easily turn on and off the auto-resizer. Operators can select the level that is appropriate to their unique conditions and needs. The automatic tool takes care of the rest and no download is required.
The resolution of the photo is never changed, rather the size of the JPEG file is automatically adjusted when photos are dragged and dropped onto PicThrive. By reducing the file size, it can help you upload photos faster if you have bandwidth restrictions or large sized files. This means you can sell photos faster and guests can start sharing sooner.


About PicThrive

PicThrive is a photo sales, customer engagement and marketing platform for tour operators that is currently in private beta. Sign up now to get early access to a powerful customer engagement and marketing tool for your business.

PicThrive is on a mission to be the number one customer engagement and marketing platform for tour operators to connect with clients and their network of family and friends using multimedia. We believe it is important to always innovate in engagement and conversion tools that maximize the user experience and get the best results possible for your business.

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