Pirate cruises can increase photo revenue using PicThrive’s Smart Store


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PicThrive’s Smart Store is the next generation photo sales and marketing platform for pirate cruises.

After a cruise, guests are filled with excitement but often leave without buying photos. It’s not your fault, it’s just the nature of the game.


There may not be a convenient place for guests to purchase photos or retail space may not even be close to your dock. Your store may be too small for photo sales kiosks. There could be backlog of guests trying to buy photos and they may even over crowd your store, preventing or making it difficult for new guests to sign up. As a result, you’re unable to capture all photo sales and provide a positive guest experience.


To help solve this, you may try to sell photos while guests are on the boat. While this can work, what impact is it having on your guest experience? Do you think you can provide a better guest experience and reviews without this sales process being part of the cruise experience?


With PicThrive’s Smart Store, you can automatically sell photos to guests after they leave. It’s the easiest way for a pirate cruise to sell photos after a trip and boost its revenue.


How it works

First, you need to capture your guests having an amazing experience on your pirate ship. The more smiles and candid shots the better.


What you do

After a tour or at the end of the day, upload the pirate cruise photos to your PicThrive account. Now go and relax.  Enjoy a drink or spend more time doing something more important. This is where the magic of PicThrive starts and your mind can be elsewhere.


What we do

PicThrive’s algorithm will automatically connect your guests to their photos. We provide an easy, seamless online store for your guests to buy their photos from any device and anywhere. Your guests will receive a personalized, friendly alert to purchase photos at the perfect buying moment in their life.   


We make sure to keep messaging friendly and light to ensure a positive guest experience. Everything is personalized to the guest and branded for your company, including the online store.


Down the line, you are also able to provide photo promotions to get even more people buying. This could mean you are now able to capture sales from those who may have been price sensitive.  This gives a boost to your photo revenue, without having to do any work.  This is literally the easiest way for you to sell photos after a pirate cruise.


What your guests get

Your guests get a mobile ready, photo gallery from which they can share photos with 1-tap. There are no apps for your guests to download, ensuring that it is a great experience. With instant sharing, guest quickly introduce you to their friends and family.


Your guests also get full customer support. So if they require assistance on how to download a photo, that’s on us and we help them out. You have more important things to worry about than solving tech issues.


Social integration

With photos, comes sharing. Using PicThrive, you’ll have access to the most powerful social media tools for tour photos. It gets you more followers, likes and reviews on TripAdvisor and Google+.


When your guests share, you are able to connect with all their friends and family via their photos. After friends and family have viewed the photos you are able to market towards them on Facebook and on Google’s ad network. These are powerful marketing tools with the goal to provide a significant boost your pirate cruise’s social media presence and increase your bookings.


How long is setup?

Setup takes less than 2 minutes. Yes, you can be selling your pirate cruise photos in less than 2 minutes.


What does it cost?

There are no monthly fees. No credit card is required. We are your photo sales partner and only if we are able to make a successful sale is a commission collected. This means, our interests are perfectly aligned with yours.


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