The importance of tour photos; one guest’s perspective

Special guest post by Motivational Speaker, Vanessa Arseneau

When I was a young woman I dreamt of adventure. With that in mind, I decided to move to London, UK. I tried something new every week. A new museum, a new activity, or a new restaurant. Then, I expanded my territory; I ventured out a little further in the UK, then France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

When you live tremendous experiences, your whole world stops and you find a new appreciation for life. All you want is to live in the moment and appreciate it. Feel the experience and let it imprint your memory. You want to keep that memory forever.

But then, when the journey was over, I was disappointed. I wanted to enjoy the moment fully, but then I didn’t have anything to remember all those amazing moments by. I didn’t think about taking photos. I didn’t realize that my future self would want to look back at this and relive the moment. I didn’t realize that the images I memorized in my mind would go blurry with time and I couldn’t fully explain to my friends how amazing those experiences were.

Photos make us laugh, remember the great times, bring back memories and feelings. After an adventure, you get home and you look forward to telling your loved ones about everything you’ve experienced. When you show them the pictures, they relive that adventure with you, through the photos.

When you look at your tour photos and relive the experience, you’re already thinking about the next adventure!

About Vanessa Arseneau

Vanessa Arseneau is a Canadian motivational speaker. After realizing her dream of living abroad for a year, she wanted to share with the world the magic of getting out of your comfort zone.

She believes that life is too short not to take the time to go after what you really want. We have only one life, so let’s make the most out of it. Vanessa wants to inspire those who have a dream and help them transform it into action.