The best resources to help you get through COVID-19

Last update on April 13, 2020

No one prepared for this situation. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take action to make our lives better. We’ve put together a list of resources that can help you see what’s happening in the industry. By having access to this information you can make informed decisions and not act out of fear. Everyone is on edge, but just as we have always done, we’ll get through this, together. We want to highlight some websites that are frequently updated with relevant news. The last thing you want to click on is bad news, so we’ll also include some fun resources for you!

Who has the latest information?

With a constant flow of news, it’s very hard to keep up. Worse yet, much of what we see online comes from unreliable sources which create unneeded stress for a lot of us. A reliable site to know what is going on is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. In it, you can learn how to recognize the symptoms, what to do if you have any of them and how to prevent getting sick. You’ll also find their recommendations for travel and group activities. Be sure to check it out!

You can also find resources on your local government’s website. New Zealand, Australia and Canada are good examples. They communicate the steps that the government is taking to help its population.

What’s going on in the industry?

You’ve probably heard of Arival, who organizes one of the biggest events in the industry. They also publish content relevant to the industry fairly often. Check out their key takeaways from their town-hall and pulse study

Another website we love is PhocusWire. You’ll find many articles that give you an insight into the industry. They update their content frequently and offer great insights into the industry. Go through their travel trends or tips. You’ll find valuable tips, such as how to market in the age of coronavirus.

EDIT April 6. Our friends from Rezdy, have put together a hub where you can find industry articles that focus around COVID-19. Check it out.

EDIT April 13. Tourism Tiger has an article on things you can do to your website to help your business. Take a look.

A similar site that you should be looking at is Skift. They also focus on the travel industry. Skift publishes useful material such as industry trend reports. They also have a podcast, which keeps up with recent events. Letting you keep up with the news even if you’re away from the computer. While you’re there check out some of their research reports.

Chris from tma has put together a Coronavirus Battle Plan. In this downloadable resource, Chris offers his perspective on marketing through COVID-19. Going through the guide will keep you busy for a little while. After reading it, you’ll have a better direction for your marketing activities.

Everyone in the office follows Tourpreneur. One of the best newsletters in the industry. They send out a daily newsletter, which is short and to the point. You’ll find all the important events that are happening within the travel industry. Their newsletter structure is great to skim trough, and you won’t miss a beat of what’s going on.

Tourmageddon is a newcomer. They “wish their website didn’t have to exist”. Yet, we’re facing hard times and this seems like a good resource for people to stay updated. Even better, you can offer or ask for help. We recommend you check it out. After all, the best way to get through this is by knowing you are not alone and helping others whenever you can.

EDIT March 20. Not related to the industry but on a positive note, three Canadians from Toronto created a website that just displays positive news about COVID-19, check it out!

We hope you find these websites useful. Together they offer a good look at what’s going on with the tourism and activity industry across the globe.

What can I do if I’m bored?

Of course, it is important to stay updated. But, you should also take some time for yourself and do other activities. Many websites have released free content in solidarity with others.

The Georgia Aquarium has a live feed of some of its exhibits. My favorite is the ocean voyager, but you can take a look at African penguins, sea lions or even piranhas. Take your pick and relax for a little bit watching your favorite one.

The Met Opera has free streams of their most popular operas. If you want to experience one of the world’s best venues, you can do so through your browser. Go to their website, sit back and get ready for the show.

When spending time at home (social distance), it is important to stay active. Why not learn how to cook something new, with free cooking classes. Or start a new exercise routine at home during your free time!

We would love to hear f you have any tips or activities that can help us through this, so please share them with us!

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