Temporary price adjustment for online sales

PicThrive has some good news for its partners.

In an effort to always keep our partners successful during this crisis, PicThrive has made some pricing adjustments for online sales. Why online sales? After talking to several partners it was clear they want to go as contactless as possible. This rate is meant to encourage guests to make purchases on their own phones right after a tour. In short, this gives you and your guests a safer payment method and something less to worry about.

Normally, the fee for online transactions is 20%. For a limited time you’ll benefit from a 2.9% transaction fee + a 30 cent charge for Stripe (us stripe, domestic cards) + $3 per transaction. Take into account that Stripe has different fees. Firstly, depending on what card your customers use (domestic v.s. international) and secondly, what country your Stripe account is in.

This special reduced rate will only apply to purchases made within 48 hours of the album being created. Once 48 hours have passed from the album being created, our standard Online Rate kicks back in.

So what does this look like for your transactions?

With regular pricing, a $100 transaction would look like this:

$100 – 20% = $80 to you.

Meanwhile, with the temporary pricing, the same $100 transaction looks like this:

$100 – 2.9% – 30c – $3 USD = $93.8 to you. An equivalent fee of 6.2% and over $13 more in your pocket!

Some things to take into account:

For video you will be charged $5 instead of $3, the rest of the pricing structure stays the same.

All fees are in USD, meaning the transaction may not appear as a round number. 

In conclusion, PicThrive hopes this adjustment helps you bounce back and continue to offer extraordinary experiences for your guests. If you need more inspiration on how to keep your operations safe during the pandemic, be sure to check out our blog post on safety measures

Quick FAQ

  • Will I get billed for the $3/$5  “Instore Fee”?
    • The “Instore Fee” will be taken directly from the transaction. You will not be billed, and only profit will be deposited to your account!
  • How do I refund someone?
    • Go to Admin then Stripe Sales. Find their entry and click the “refund” button next to the value amount.
  • What if the stripe fee + $3 USD is more than 20%?
    • If for some reason the Stripe fee + $3 is more than 20%, PicThrive will use the lower value.