What Flytographer’s Success Means for Tour & Activity Operators

Flytographer is hot right now. It seems to be constantly in the news. Founded in 2013, the company was recently named one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing businesses, has been covered by oprah.com, New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Instyle and many more. What makes them unique? The company offers a service that allows travelers […]

The Changing Photography Market – Where Do Tour & Activity Operators Stand?

With news of smartphone sales peaking, more people buying old refurbished phones, the fall of the point and shoot cameras (small handheld basic consumer cameras), the softening of the DSLR camera market and the rapid rise and growth of mirrorless professional cameras, it’s an exciting time to be in the photography market! While a camera […]

Life at PicThrive

I’m taking a new approach to this blog post.  Being new to the adventure tourism industry, I don’t have many great insights to share … Yet.  What I can talk about is PicThrive itself and how much fun it is to be part of a team that is making a difference. To give context,  it’s […]

Five Ways Free Tour Photos Can Hurt Your Business

Photo by Elle Hughes So, your guests have been asking you to take photos or videos of their amazing experience, while on tour. Guests often request an on-tour photo service when they don’t want to or are unable to bring their smartphones on tour. Guests will also request a photo service when the nature of […]

Google Reviews for Tours and Activities

Google has taken bigs steps into the tours and activities space, especially with the release of its new Touring Bird app.  Google has also announced direct and instant booking connections with FareHarbor, Checkfront, Peek and several others. The moves are significant as the company’s continued expansion into the space of promoting tour and activity bookings.  […]

Are Tour Photos Driving Industry Growth?

Tours and Activities Operators – your industry is growing in size and popularity with travellers in 2018! The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) recently released a report outlining significant growth within the Adventure Tourism industry for 2018. The ATTA distributed an Adventure Travel Trends Snapshot Survey to several Adventure Tourism operators. More than 70% of […]

The importance of tour photos; one guest’s perspective

Special guest post by Motivational Speaker, Vanessa Arseneau When I was a young woman I dreamt of adventure. With that in mind, I decided to move to London, UK. I tried something new every week. A new museum, a new activity, or a new restaurant. Then, I expanded my territory; I ventured out a little further […]

360° Video for Tour & Activity Operator

PicThrive, the technology leader for tour and activity photos and videos, is excited to announce that it has released 360° video for tour and activity operators. Souvenir videos for tour and activity operators are now even more powerful, allowing your guests and all their friends to their experience your brand in 360°. Leveraging PicThrive’s powerful […]

Carrying & Protecting your DSLR Camera for Ziplines

Investing in a DSLR camera for your photo operations is an exciting and very rewarding step in enhancing the tour experience for your clients. You will deliver the best quality photos that will stand out to your guests who will subsequently purchase and then share with their friends and family. To keep your DSLR investments […]

Doing Our Part To Help the Oceans Thrive

The world’s environment and oceans are in trouble, and PicThrive, is dedicated in trying to help save it. PicThrive is a member of the 1% for The Planet, as members we contribute 1% of our annual sales to protect the environment for future generations and to contribute towards building a healthy planet. For our first […]